Military bases run the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses due to cross contamination and transmission: The Five C’s of Transmission
  • Crowding
  • Contact
  • Compromised skin (even minor cuts and scrapes from shaving)
  • Contaminated items and surfaces (towels, band aids, tissues)
  • Lack of Cleanliness
Military bed

The men and women serving our country deserve protection from the threat of disease through the spread of germs.

Bactronix®  is a science based company that measures, kills and prevents bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, odors and VOC’s from returning. The Two-Step Process is  applied electrostatically and ensures 100% coverage.

Bactronizing is environmentally responsible and does not use toxic chemicals such as ammonias,  bleaches, peroxides or metal-based poisons such as silver or copper ions. The  process creates no harmful by-products or ozone arming VOC’s.

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