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The COVID-19 situation has had a significant impact on the way so many of us work, and especially for those of us that work in the cleaning industry it has changed the ways in which we work. There are a variety of ways in which we have had to adapt, and one of these impacts is that we have now had to look at the types of products that we use for disinfecting different surfaces. With our Newportville disinfecting cleaning services, we have always looked to use surface cleaners to ensure that desks, furniture, chairs and other items in a commercial space were clean, but we are now having to pay particular attention in this area.

Disinfecting Cleaning Service in Newportville, PA

We at Bactronix SEPA have been closely following the medical advice when it comes to the surface cleaners that we use, and we have looked at the cleaners that have been shown to have the greatest effect at killing COVID-19. All of the cleaners that we use either use a combined detergent and disinfectant solution, or use a separate detergent and disinfectant, where the disinfectant element has the higher parts per million concentration that has the greatest effect on the virus. There are some surfaces where these solutions cannot be used, such as couches or other soft surfaces, and for these we use the recommended steam cleaning where needed.

Our Newportville disinfecting cleaning services operatives are also very aware about the risks of cross contamination, especially when they are working in more than one site during the day. The surface cleaners that we use help to keep high touch areas such as door handles and elevator buttons clean and safe, but we also take care to ensure that the disease doesn’t transmit from site to site. All of our cleaners are currently using disposable cleaning cloths and mop heads, or are ensuring that only one set is used per site, with the non-disposable items being efficiently laundered every evening.