Washing And Changing Between Locations

There are a whole host of changes that cleaning companies have had to make over recent months, and with the threat of the COVID-19 virus it has become so important to keep our staff and our clients safe. We take our responsibility extremely seriously and have reviewed all of our processes and equipment to make sure that they are suitable to the new situation in which we find ourselves in. One of the factors that we have had to consider is the risk of cross contamination when our cleaning staff are moving from one premises to another premises in order to clean the next client’s place.

One of the big steps that we have taken is to look at how our cleaners can wash or clean their equipment and themselves as they move from one location on to the next. In some cases this can include disposing of certain equipment safely and using new items such as latex gloves or cleaning cloths. They also try to sanitize themselves where possible, and this can include washing or using hand sanitizer to make sure that any potential virus particles that are on their hands can be killed or neutralized so that it isn’t then taken on to their next job. It isn’t just the staff that will be washing or sanitizing between jobs, but they will also look to change certain parts of their equipment, with steps such as using a different mop head or cleaner head as they move to another property. There are also a range of other measures that we have introduced as well to try and make it safer for us and our clients. These include using PPE and using disposable cloths in some situations, while we are also using no-contact cleaning where possible so that our staff do not need to come into contact with your staff as they do their work.