Veterinary Industry

One of the medical industries that you may not think has been affected as much by COVID-19 is the veterinary industry, but as vets will always need people to take animals to them,  it can still provide a contact risk. As medical professionals, vets will always take the appropriate precautions in terms of their equipment and approach to keep animals and their owners safe, but it is important to consider cleaning as well. Regular cleaning can help to make sure that the risk of virus transmission is reduced, while in the rare case of a virus outbreak, a deep clean of the area can make it safe for other staff to go back to work.

Veterinary doctor

There are several areas within the veterinary practices where it is important to focus any cleaning, and this is especially the areas where people and animals will be regularly touching. This can include the reception desk and door handles throughout the building, along with the tables and surfaces in the consulting room that the animal owners may touch during their visit. While some practices may be small and only have one or two members of staff, for larger facilities it is also important to clean the private areas, so that there is no transmission between staff as well.

Hiring a trusted company to carry out any cleaning work is very important in these uncertain times, and since the COVID-19 crisis, we have regularly reviewed and checked our processes. All of our cleaners have high quality cleaning products with the recommended concentration of bleach or disinfectant that will be strong enough to kill any virus cells they might come into contact with. We also look to provide no-contact cleaning where possible, or will clean in a socially distanced way where this isn’t practical, to keep your staff and our staff safe.