Using Food Safe Disinfectants In Catering Businesses

There are many different aspects of the COVID-19 crisis that have had an impact on our cleaning business, but we are proud at how our cleaners have responded to the risks that come with this. Our team has been working hard, as we know that cleaning can have a big impact on the transmission and potential outbreaks of COVID-19 in different types of workplaces. One of the biggest areas in which we have had to change is in the products that we use, and catering businesses have a very specific need when it comes too the right products being used.

Food Counter with Plastic Screen

All of the studies that have been carried out have suggested that the risk of transmitting COVID-19 through food is actually very low, but in a kitchen setting, the risk of transmission between different staff members is there. For this reason, we have been working very hard to make sure that the surfaces in these areas are properly cleaned so that the kitchen staff are as safe as possible. We have been using disinfectants that are shown to be safe in these catering businesses, to ensure the food being prepared is safe for consumption.

Along with making sure that we are using the right cleaning products for this work, we are also making sure that we use the right cleaning equipment to minimize the risk of virus transmission. Where possible, we are now using disposable cloths that can then be securely destroyed, so that there is no risk of moving the virus from one premises to another. By working hard to keep the catering businesses we work with clean, along with the precautions that these businesses are taking themselves, we are all helping to fight back against the threat of COVID-19.