The Use Of Hand Sanitizer By Cleaning Companies

Hand Sanitizer

Looking after one another has become a big talking point over recent months, as we have all developed a growing awareness of the risks of catching the COVID-19 virus, and the health impact of doing so. As a professional cleaning company we have had to adapt quickly to this risk and have had to review the products that our cleaners are using during their everyday work. We have reviewed many different areas of the cleaning process, and one of these is the use of cloths that are being used to clean hard surfaces in the variety of different commercial premises that we service.

We have been following government advice and the best practice recommendations closely, and where possible our staff are trying to use disposable cloths when cleaning hard surfaces where possible. This helps to minimize the possibility of the virus being moved to a different premises by our cleaners on the cloths that they are using to clean your premises. In some cases, we cannot always use the disposable products to clean the surfaces sufficiently, and in these situations we will always only use one set of cloths per site, and ensure those cloths are fully cleaned and laundered before they are used again.

This approach is something that has seen a big change for our cleaners and staff, so we have also provided additional training to our cleaning staff so that they know how they should work. Along with the right cloths, we are also making sure that the cleaning products we use are sufficiently strong to be able to kill the virus when it comes into contact with the cleaning products we use. By working hard and taking the right precautions in your commercial premises, we can help to ensure that together your staff and premises have a lower chance of a COVID-19 outbreak.