Stadiums and Arenas

There are few buildings that have seen the silence and eerie quiet that stadiums and arenas will have experienced over recent months, as fears over the spread of COVID-19 has seen many people being forced to stay away. As society reopens to the prospect of live music, sports and events, there are many changes that have had to be implemented to help to make these places safer for visitors. While these changes are helping people to gradually return to live events, it is vital that areas such as these are cleaned regularly by a professional company that will help to minimize the risk of disease transmission.


The way that we approach our cleaning work has also had to change over recent months, and we are diligent in staying on top of the latest best practices and approaches to cleaning. One area in which we are placing a real focus on is the areas where many people are likely to contact the same surfaces, and in stadiums and arenas this can include the handrails, bathroom areas and any door handles around the facility. We are also aware of the risk of transmission between staff, so we also focus on cleaning in the staff communal areas where this could also be a risk.

Our cleaners will look to use no-contact cleaning where possible, so that the facilities are cleaned when they are empty, but we also know this isn’t always possible. In these cases we will also use social distancing and PPE to help minimize the risks where it isn’t possible to clean the arena or stadium when there is nobody else present. All of our team have also received additional training to help minimize the risk of cross contamination, so that equipment for cleaning isn’t being moved from one site to another, and sanitizing these or using different sets of equipment for cleaning where necessary.