Social Distancing To Minimize Transmission Risk

Prior to the beginning of 2020 the truth is that the majority of people will never have heard of the term social distancing, and would not have had any idea of what this meant. However, with COVID-19 transforming the way that many people and companies have to work social distancing has become one of the most common terms that is discussed as a way to combat the virus. Essentially, social distancing is the approach of keeping a distance from other people, and by not being in close proximity to other people, this can help reduce your chances of coming into contact with the virus.

Social Distancing Reminder

As a leading cleaning company, social distancing is particularly important for us, as our staff will often clean several premises and properties during their working day, which could prove to be a risk. All of our cleaners have been trained in the principles of social distancing, and how this helps them to keep themselves and others safe during their working day. Where possible, all of our cleaners will try to keep at least six feet away from other people while cleaning, and this will then help all of us to be safe.

Social distancing can be a challenge in some areas, especially when cleaning during your business’ opening hours for example, and it isn’t always possible to maintain that six foot distance, especially in smaller business premises. For this reason our staff also use other measures including PPE and the use of hand sanitizer regularly to help minimize the potential risk of virus transmission. By using social distancing and other measures, we can help to keep your business clean and help to minimize the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in the area.