School Mass Transit Buses

The situation in our schools is one that has very much been in the news over recent months, as people are looking to find ways to make sure that normal activities such as going to school can restart safely. COVID-19 has made it very difficult to do several things safely, and gathering a number of children on school buses can have the potential for transmitting the virus. Cleaning of these buses therefore becomes very important, and whether you need a regular cleaning service or a deep clean of one or more vehicles after an outbreak, we can provide the high quality service you need.

School Bus

When it comes to cleaning buses, there are several areas that we will focus on when we are doing the work, and these are the surfaces that the children being transported will touch regularly. This will pay especial attention to the door handles and handrail, along with any bars or handles in the seats, and the safety belts in the bus as well. We know how important it is to keep drivers safe too, so we will also make sure to clean that area of the bus thoroughly as well to help keep your staff safe at work. You can also have confidence when hiring us to carry out your cleaning work, as we have completely reviewed our systems and processes since the crisis, to make sure we are helping everyone protect against COVID-19. All our staff try and carry out no-contact cleaning where they don’t come into direct contact with your staff, but where this isn’t possible they are equipped with high quality PPE and will work in a socially distanced way. All our cleaners are also using disposable equipment where possible, and take measures such as using hand sanitizer to minimize the risk of cross contamination.