Real Estate Industry

Selling or letting a house or condo can be a big decision, and especially if you are still living in the property it can be a real concern to let people into your home during the current COVID-19 situation. If you are planning on hosting an open house or a day of viewings, we can offer cleaning before and after these events, so that your real estate staff, visitors and the vendors all feel safe during this process. We can also provide high quality cleaning services for your offices and sales locations, so that your staff are all comfortable that they are working in an area that has minimized the risk of virus transmission.

COVID-19 Rapid Response

Our experienced cleaners have worked in a range of different industries, and have all had additional training on how to adapt the cleaning approach to help kill any virus cells. This includes having a particular focus on high touch areas where many people are likely to contact, which includes door handles and the counter surfaces, along with reception desks in your offices. It is also important to consider the cleaning of any communal staff areas, as you particularly want to avoid several staff catching the virus as it can have a big knock on impact on your business.

We have reviewed all of our process to reflect the COVID-19 situation, and one area has been to ensure that all our cleaners are using the higher strength and concentration bleach and disinfectant products that can kill these virus cells. Where possible we will try to arrange no-contact cleaning when the premises being cleaned is empty, or will maintain social distancing where this isn’t possible. All of the cleaning staff are also equipped with high quality PPE, hand sanitizer and disposable cleaning equipment so that your team can have confidence in the cleaning service being provided.   

Disinfecting Services