Military Installations

The arrival of the COVID-19 virus on our shores has had a significant impact on the way that many different organizations have had to work, and this is certainly the case when it comes to military facilities. The virus is particularly threatening in areas where many people will be found together in close contact with each other, so in these military installations cleaning can be especially important to minimize the risk of virus transmission. We are an experienced cleaning company that really can help you to deal with the new challenges brought by the virus, or can offer deep cleaning if you have an outbreak.

Military Facility

One of the biggest tasks that has changed in the cleaning industry is dealing with areas where transmission can be a risk, and this will usually be the areas where many people are touching the same surfaces. In military facilities this can include food serving areas, door handles throughout the buildings and any washing facilities, so we pay particular attention to making these areas are kept fully clean. We have also reviewed all of the cleaning products we use, to make sure that they do have the required concentration of bleach or disinfectant to kill any virus particles.

Another of the factors that does have to be considered is that the virus can spread very quickly in areas with lots of people present such as military installations, so we will work to minimize the risk of bringing the virus into the facility. All of our staff will try to work on a non-contact basis, cleaning different areas when they are not in use, but where this isn’t possible they will look to clean in a socially distanced way. All of our staff are also issued with the highest quality PPE, and will also have measures in place to prevent cross contamination from other locations.