Medical and Dental Offices

The re-opening of different facilities over recent months since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus has seen many businesses have to adapt, and that is certainly the case with medical and dental offices. These facilities will have doctors, nurses and dentists all coming into close contact with their patients, so cleanliness is one of the most important factors in helping both medical staff and patients to remain safe. We are an experienced cleaning company that can service medical and dental offices large and small, and whether you need a deep clean after an outbreak or a regular cleaning service we can help.

Dental Office

There has been some changes to how we provide our cleaning services, and we are now providing an additional focus in cleaning the areas where many people are likely to touch, such as handrails, reception counters and door handles. We also look to make sure that all of our cleaning products have the recommended concentration of bleach or disinfectant, to make sure that we are killing the virus where it is present on these surfaces. Our cleaners know that working in a clean space can give your staff and the patients peace of mind, so will work hard to achieve this. Another reason for considering our services is the care that we take in making sure that we are working in the right way, and following the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis we have regularly reviewed our methods. All of our staff are equipped with the right PPE that will keep both our staff and those in your medical and dental offices safe. Where possible, we will also look to do a contact-free cleaning service, where our cleaners work outside of the normal operating hours of the facility.