Long Term Care Facilities

Disinfection in Long Term Care Facilities in Southeastern, PA

Providing long term care through any facility can be a particularly challenging task, and many of those people who have the most difficult needs have been especially affected by COVID-19. We know that the science suggests that maintaining social distance and wearing PPE can help reduce the transfer of disease, but this is also very difficult to achieve in a long term care facility. This makes the other precautions that you can take to help fight the virus very important, and cleaning is certainly one of these measures.

One of the first areas that our cleaners will focus on when they are cleaning your facility is the areas where there are more people likely to be contacting the same surfaces. This can include the food service areas if they are present, along with any communal areas, with surfaces such as tables and chairs being among the potential areas to consider. They will also be diligent in cleaning door handles, elevator panels and the surfaces around any reception area where people may be asked to wait. All of our cleaners are hardworking and thorough when it comes to their work, and we are all proud about the services that we provide to help our customers in this difficult time. They have also received the appropriate training to help them to do their work safely, using social distancing and taking a little more time to make sure they are covering each surface, along with being able to use the PPE provided. We have also checked all of our cleaning products to make sure they are suitable and safe when it comes to being strong enough to kill any virus cells they come into contact with.