Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand Sanitizer

One of the impacts that the COVID-19 crisis has had on our cleaning business is that we are aware now more than ever of the importance of the cleaning services that we provide. We have always taken pride in making sure that the premises that we operate in are clean and well maintained, but we are now paying particular attention to the products that we use to ensure that they are appropriate and can kill the virus when they come into contact with it. This is particularly important in bathrooms and toilets, and we are well aware of the risks of disease transmission in these areas.

When we are contracted to clean these areas of a commercial premises, we are taking care to ensure that the cleaning products we use have a sufficiently concentrated disinfectant content to kill the virus where possible. We are also working hard and cleaning toilets and bathrooms more often, so that the risk of disease transmission is reduced in these high traffic areas. This combined with the renewed emphasis that many companies are placing on regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer should mean that together we can minimize the risks of working for you and your staff.

Using the right products is one way in which we as a business are working to help ensure that you and your people are safe in the workplace, but this is being combined with the right cleaning techniques as well. All of our cleaners have received extra training in the risks of COVID-19 and how they can help to resist these risks. For this reason, all of our cleaners will either be using disposable cleaning cloths and mop heads during their work, or will only use one set of cloths and mop head per site, ensuring they are stored securely and cleaned appropriately between uses, where they aren’t using disposable options.