Hair Restoration Clinics

There are a whole wealth of different industries that have been impacted by COVID-19 and there have been a whole host of changes that different companies have had to make to react to this. We know that in your hair restoration clinic that your staff will be taking precautions to keep themselves and your customers safe, but it is important to consider the cleaning services that you are using. One of the biggest risks for virus transmission is the surfaces that different people will be touching on a regular basis, which are particularly common in the customer facing areas of your business.


A professional cleaning company will be able to help you not only make your premises appear clean, but we will work hard to make sure that any potential virus transmission risks are minimized as well. This will include cleaning the high traffic surfaces such as door handles, counters and reception desks, along with the treatment areas where your customers will be receiving their hair restoration treatment. We can also help with cleaning the staff only areas of the premises, as one of the worst case scenarios for many companies will be losing several staff to illness at the same time, which is a real risk with this virus. You can also take comfort when you hire us to keep your premises clean, as we have been diligent in following the research around the virus, and adapting our cleaning approach to combat the risks. We use non-contact cleaning where possible, so that our staff don’t need to come into direct contact with yours, but even where this isn’t possible we use social distancing and PPE to keep everyone safe. We are also proud to be using products that have all been approved to deal with the virus cells, so if we clean that surface it will kill the virus.   

Disinfecting Services