Food Processing Industry

While the food processing industry is one that hasn’t had any evidence of transmitting COVID-19 through its products, because many of these facilities are ones that have people working closely together. Of course you will have been carrying out your own changes to help keep staff safe, but it shouldn’t be underestimated how the importance of regular cleaning can impact the risk. While the virus particles can become airborne, one of the factors to consider is that these particles will land on surfaces, where they can then be transmitted.

Disinfection in Food Processing Industry

As a professional cleaning company, we have adapted to the new situation and will pay particular attention to those parts of your premises which are likely being touched regularly by different members of staff. This can include door handles, work surfaces and the controls of different pieces of machinery, and will work with you to identify exactly where this attention is likely to be required. We can also clean the areas such as staff changing areas where people may be more likely to transmit virus particles, which is particularly undesirable in industries where people are likely to be working more closely together. Of course, cleaning companies have been particularly in demand during the COVID-19 crisis, and along with keeping the premises of our clients clean we have also been reviewing our processes to make sure we do everything we can to control the virus. All of our cleaning products are approved for use in a way that will help to kill virus cells, and we also use disposable cleaning cloths where possible to minimize the risk of transmission. Where possible we will look to use a no-contact approach to cleaning so that your staff aren’t put at risk, but where this is not possible we use high quality PPE and social distancing to keep things safe.