Floor Cleaners

The threat and the risk of catching COVID-19 is something that has been a significant concern for many people over the last few months, and we are particularly aware of this in the cleaning industry. There are many different ways in which we have had to adapt to this new threat, and using the right cleaning products is definitely one of those. While the floors of our commercial premises may not be contacted as often as other surfaces, we still want to make sure the risk of virus transmission is minimized.  

Floor Disinfection

Identifying the features that are required of an effective floor cleaner is something we have always maintained, but now with the additional feature of using products that will destroy the virus. With these products, we ensure that we use a disinfectant combined with a detergent for the hard floors that we clean, so that they are certain to have killed any virus particles that are released and fall to the floor. This isn’t something that we can do with soft floor coverings such as carpet, although research suggests the nature of the surface seems to make it less likely that the virus is transmitted on soft surfaces.

As a cleaning company we have taken great care to ensure that our staff have been trained on how to make sure they aren’t transmitting the virus as they move from location to location. While using the floor cleaners is one way in which we help to fight COVID-19, we also make sure that mop heads are disposable and replaced after each use, or that a different mop head is used in each location. Where not using disposable mop heads, these are then securely stored and laundered to kill the virus before they are used again, so that the risk of transmitting the virus is minimized.