Fitness Centers

One of the biggest factors that can have an impact on how vulnerable someone can be to COVID-19 is their fitness, so naturally fitness centers and gyms should have a big role to play in keeping people healthy. However, the counter to this is that people will often be quite close together and exhaling more often when working out, which can lead to a risk of diseases transmission. We know that your center will have had to make changes to make the space safer, but our cleaning services can also help in combating the risks that have come from COVID-19.

Fitness Center

As with many other types of premises, the focus for cleaning companies has changed to having an emphasis on the areas in the fitness center that are most commonly touched by different people. Naturally, in a fitness center this is going to be the machines that are present and the panels that many people will be touching on a regular basis. We will also focus on the handles of your free weights, the door handles and the changing areas to make sure that your staff and the customers are as safe as can be when it comes to the surfaces present. We also offer the extra reassurance that we have carried out a thorough review of our processes since COVID-19, to make sure that we are working in a way that minimizes the risks. Where possible we will try and do the cleaning outside of the opening hours in a no-contact way, but if this isn’t possible all of our staff will maintain social distancing throughout the work. They are also equipped with high quality PPE and sanitizers, along with the cleaning equipment that is either disposable or can be replaced in between premises to minimize the risk of cross contamination.