EMS – Ambulance Services

Our first responders have been on the front line of dealing with the COVID-19 situation since early 2020, and they have worked diligently to be able to help keep the population as safe as possible during this period. We also know that they need the right support to be able to do their work as safely as possible, and cleaning is an important part of providing the safe environment for them to work. We know that the virus can be transmitted from different surfaces, and a good cleaning regime can help to keep your staff safe and to minimize the risk of virus transmission in this way.

EMS - Ambulance Services

One of the big changes that we have seen since the start of the crisis is that we are now having to be particularly diligent with cleaning surfaces that are touched regularly. This can include door handles, changing and washing facilities and the food and drinks area where the ambulance staff will take their breaks in between callouts. We also work particularly hard to make sure that different surface types are being cleaned in the most appropriate way, with cleaning products that can help to kill the virus and have the recommended disinfectant or bleach content. As a responsible cleaning contractor, we have naturally kept a close eye on the best practices and cleaning techniques that will help us to fight the spread of COVID-19. Our staff all look to carry out no-contact cleaning where possible, but where your facility is open 24/7, they will maintain social distancing and are equipped with high quality PPE to keep them and your staff safe. We have also introduced a range of measures such as disposable gloves and cleaning cloths, along with sanitization measures to help ensure that the risk of cross contamination between different premises being cleaned is minimized.