Deep Cleaning If An Infection Has Been Identified

Over the last few months, we have all seen the impact that having a COVID-19 outbreak in a particular area or premises can have, and the consequences of that for businesses and individuals. Once the positive tests are returned, there is more that you need to do in order to ensure that the premises is safe, as the virus can survive on some surfaces for several days. While you are encouraged to get any staff that will have come into contact with those who have contracted the virus to self isolate, it is also important to deep clean the premises so that when your staff return, there will be no virus cells present.

Deep Cleaner Fogging Sofa

Traditionally, cleaners haven’t been used to using the techniques that are required in a deep clean, but because of the new situation they have all received training on how to carry out a deep clean safely. This will involve preparation that includes full face masks with filters to keep them from inhaling any virus particles, along with using protective equipment for any parts of the body that might come into contact with surfaces where the virus might be present. Any deep clean of the property has to be done where everybody else has left the property, to keep our staff and yours safe.

The deep clean of the premises is a much more thorough clean that really does pay particular attention to the areas of the premises where people are likely to touch regularly. This cleaning also uses the highest quality cleaning products that can kill any virus cells when they come into contact with them. We can also provide before and after tests of the premises using adenosine triphosphate – ATP – which shows you the level of pathogens in the area before and after the deep clean has been carried out.