Cruise Ships

The arrival of COVID-19 in our country in 2020 has had a huge impact on industries that deal with people, and the whole attraction of going on a cruise is spending time with others exploring the world. In order to be able to restart cruises it has been very important to consider how it can be done safely, and cleaning is a vital part of the measures that will help to keep both the staff and the passengers safe. When your ships are in port, having a cleaning company that will do a really thorough job of the cleaning work can be a real reassurance.

Cruise Ship

We know that there are many changes that have happened with the crisis, and one of these is that surfaces that many people will touch can be a real risk area. This means that elevator buttons, door handles and railings are all areas of a ship that we will pay particular attention to cleaning, to make sure we are killing any virus cells. With food preparation areas being another space where many people will often be working closely together, we can also provide a thorough clean of these areas to help make sure that the risk of transmission is minimized. You can also take comfort in knowing that as a cleaning company we have taken COVID-19 seriously, and have introduced a range of different measures that will help to minimize the risk of transmission. All of our staff will look to do no-contact cleaning where possible, and where this isn’t practical will maintain social distancing to keep themselves and your staff and passengers safe. They are also equipped with the appropriate PPE and hand sanitizer, and have several steps of cleaning and sanitation before they move between jobs, to help ensure they aren’t bringing virus cells to your premises.