Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facility

There are many different types of places in which the COVID-19 virus has been particularly challenging to deal with, and in correctional facilities where there are often people in close contact it can be particularly difficult. This means that the cleaning of these sites is particularly important, as regular cleaning can help to minimize the transmission of the virus should it find its way into the facility. A good cleaning process will not only help to minimize the risk of transmission, but can help staff and inmates feel a little safer too.

As with all good cleaning firms, we pay particular attention to the areas where there is regular contact from different people, so in a correctional facility these are usually going to be in the communal areas. Surfaces around the food service areas are naturally going to be a particular transmission risk, along with the tables where people will be eating. As correctional facilities will also have doors that are going to be in regular use throughout each day, we also take particular care to make sure that we are particularly diligent in cleaning these surfaces. If you are considering hiring a cleaning company for the contract for your correctional facility, using our services can really help you to keep the area safe, as we have been very thorough in reviewing our processes. We have made sure that all of our cleaners have the right PPE for working in these kinds of facilities, and are equipped with the right cleaning products that are recommended during these times that will kill the virus. They also try to maintain social distancing wherever possible, and we can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that will clean different parts of the facility when they are not in use by your staff or inmates.