Cleaning Plastic Screens

There are several changes that many companies will have made over the last few months since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and one of these is in the areas where staff may come into contact with customers. The installation of plastic screens provides a valuable barrier to protect virus particles from coming into contact with your staff, and ultimately helps reduce the transmission of the virus. As a local cleaning company, we have also been quick to adapt, and one of the services we are now offering is the cleaning of these plastic screens to help make sure the risk of virus transmission is reduced.

Food Counter with Plastic Screen

While experts are divided on how long the virus particles can remain alive on hard surfaces, it is certainly at least a few hours, so if you or your customers are contacting these screens it can provide a risk area. This can be particularly true when it comes to the areas of the screen that allow customers to use a card payment machine, or where they can pass cash through to a cashier. We make sure that all of the screens are thoroughly cleaned to kill any virus particles, and to reduce the chance that they could then be passed between your staff and customers.

The plastic screens can also show up in areas such as offices, where the screens can allow your staff to work alongside each other safely, but again it can be important to clean these screens as well. Our staff are now working in a non-contact way as much as possible, to help ensure that there is a minimal transmission risk between our staff and yours. All our staff have all the latest equipment and PPE so that they are safe and can do their job without putting themselves at risk of catching COVID-19 as well.