Cleaning High-Touch Areas

COVID-19 has been one of the biggest influences on the activity and culture in our generation, and as a cleaning company we are certainly aware of how our work can be impacted by this. Cleaning is one of the most important ways that we all can reduce the risk of virus transmission, and one of the areas where there is a risk of transmission are the areas where many people are likely to touch the same surface. This can include areas like store counters, registers, door handles and elevator panels, and we have been particularly diligent in helping our clients manage the risk from these high-touch surfaces.


Naturally, one of the measures that can help is to clean these areas several times a day, but even where this isn’t possible, having a deep and thorough clean of these surfaces on a daily basis can help. We have reviewed all of the surface cleaners that we use, to ensure that they have a sufficiently high disinfectant content to kill any COVID-19 particles that are present on these surfaces. Our team are also being especially careful when cleaning these areas to make sure that they are being properly cleaned during their visit to your premises.

Along with paying particular attention to these areas, our cleaners have also been working hard to make sure that there is a minimal risk of transmission, as they are coming into contact with these high-touch surfaces in each premises. Where possible, our team are using disposable cleaning cloths that will reduce the risk of cross-contamination, or are using one set of cloths and cleaning equipment per premises. We are also trying to provide our cleaning services in a non-contact method where possible, so that our cleaners can socially distance themselves from your staff, again to minimize the risk of transmission.