Cleaning For Food Production Areas

As a company that provides cleaning services we have seen a huge change in the frequency of services that we need to provide since the development of the COVID-19 crisis, along with the types of cleaning that we have to do during our everyday work. We have been diligent in looking at the areas where we need to help our clients to minimize the risk of virus transmission, along with the products that we use in this approach. The risk of transmitting the virus through food itself is actually considered to be relatively low, but as spaces where food is produced can be enclosed with several people there, transmission between staff is a concern.

Disinfection in Food Processing Industry

Because there is food being produced in these areas, one of the things that we have always done is to make sure that the products that we use in these spaces are safe for use in food production areas. Depending on the number of staff members that will be present, it is also important to consider increasing the frequency of cleaning in bathrooms and canteen areas, where virus transmission is particularly a risk. The same is true for the cleaning of high traffic surfaces such as door handles and refrigerator handles in these food production areas.

Our staff know that your team will have work to do, and the importance that food production workers have in keeping us all going in these difficult times. They will also work hard to make sure they are social distancing and minimizing contact with your staff when cleaning your premises, along with ensuring that disposable items are used where possible, or that equipment is fully sanitized before being used in a different premises. By working together, we can help you to keep producing your goods while minimizing the risk of a virus outbreak in your business premises.