Cleaning Cashier Spaces

There are several challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has given most businesses that have direct contact with their customers every day. Whether your company operates gas stations, stores, restaurants or a drive through service, you are likely to have an area where the register is kept and someone will be taking regular payments and conversing with your customers. These areas can be particularly challenging to manage, and there are several steps that we are taking as a cleaning company to help minimize the risks of virus transmission in these areas.


One of these steps comes with regards to the Perspex or plastic screens that many companies have installed, and making sure that both sides are cleaned with suitable cleaners during regular cleaning. We are also paying particular attention to cleaning the areas that are regularly touched around the register and the cashier area, while then also any areas that your customers may be coming into contact with during their visit to your premises. In order to minimize contact with customers, some areas may also have started using trays to exchange cash and the change, so we can provide cleaning services for these items as well.

Our staff have also received additional training, and where possible we now look to provide a no-contact service where there is no or minimal between our staff and yours. We have also introduced measures that will allow us to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, and this includes using disposable cleaning items where possible, and sanitizing those pieces of equipment that isn’t disposable. By working together, and ensuring you are taking other steps to protect your staff from the risk of virus transmission, then we can help to minimize the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in your commercial space.