Changing Some Cleaning Equipment Between Sites

Cleaning companies are an important part of all of our daily lives, as they help to keep businesses and social spaces open and clean for people to use and visit, and this is something that has become especially important over recent months. The swift spread of COVID-19 throughout the country became a huge concern, so cleaning companies like ours had to adapt to the new reality of trying to prevent the virus. One of the many measures that we have introduced is that we are only using certain cleaning equipment once before they are washed or disinfected, to help reduce the risk of virus transmission.

For some cleaning equipment, then it can be practical to use disposable items such as latex gloves and cloths, but for many other items including mop heads, larger or specialized cloths and dusters, the level of waste would be huge. Therefore, we have introduced a measure so that items that touch surfaces in different premises are changed for the next cleaning job, to help reduce the potential for virus transmission. This means that cleaners are still able to carry out the work that will keep your business clean, while also helping to keep your staff and customers safe.

Once these items have been used, they are stored in safe surroundings until they can be properly cleaned, so that they are then ready to be used again the following day. Along with this approach, we have also taken a range of other steps to make sure that we are providing the right cleaning service for our customers, including the use of PPE, using disposable items in some areas and checking that we are using the right cleaning products. Where possible, we are also trying to provide a no-contact cleaning service, or using social distancing where no-contact cleaning is not a viable option because of the situation.