Car Dealerships

Running a business in 2020 has been one of the more challenging occupations, and trying to make sure that your business is safe for your customers and for your staff. Cleaning has always been an important part of running in a car dealership, as the shiny, clean vehicles are usually displayed in an attractive showroom, which will then give the best impression of those vehicles to your customers. We know that you will also have had to change the way that you operate in order to work safely following the COVID-19 crisis, as we have done as well.

COVID-19 Drive-In Vehicle Testing

One of the most important steps that we have taken as a cleaning company is to make sure that we are really focusing on the areas of the dealership where there is likely to be a higher number of contacts from different people. The desks and sales areas can be one area which needs more frequent cleaning, while the door handles can also be another area that we will focus on. As it is common to be offered a coffee or drink during the visit, then we can also ensure we are cleaning these areas for you as well.

Along with providing cleaning services that will help to keep your car dealership clean, and using cleaning products that will efficiently kill any virus cells upon contact, we have also adapted the way we work. One of the changes that we have made is to ensure that we are providing a non-contact cleaning service, so that our staff do not have to come into contact with yours while cleaning. Our staff always use the appropriate PPE, and will be taking the appropriate steps to prevent any cross contamination from any other premises they may have cleaned previously.