Ambulatory Surgery Centers

One of the impacts that the appearance of COVID-19 in the country has had is that fewer people are visiting ambulatory surgery centers to discuss or review less serious ailments. However, as we return to a more normal way of operating the patients attending these centers will increase, and the cleaning services we provide can really help to make both the staff and the patients in these centers feel safe. We have carried out a thorough review of the equipment and cleaning products we use, to make sure they meet the recommendations that are in place around dealing with COVID-19.


Depending on the nature of the center and whether it is open 24/7 or just during the day, we will usually try to adapt the service we provide to minimize the contact the cleaners have with your staff. This can include a non-contact service where the cleaners will work outside of your opening hours, or will use social distancing and work when the center is quiet where possible to minimize the risk of transmission. We will also pay particular attention to the areas of the center where the risk of transmission could be higher, such as reception counters and door handles.

As a responsible cleaning company you can be confident we have reviewed all areas of our processes to make sure we are providing a cleaning service that you can trust. These steps include the introduction of PPE for all our staff and where possible using disposable cleaning equipment such as cloths so that there is no risk of cross contamination. When you hire us to carry out the cleaning of your ambulatory surgery center, you can be confident we will do everything possible to keep you and your patients as safe as possible.