Airplanes – Airport Health Safety

Airplane Cabin

Providing a cleaning service is at the heart of every cleaning company, but one of the vital factors that has become more of an influence on our company over recent months is being able to do this safely. The spread and threat of COVID-19 is something that we are well aware of, and we are fully committed to making sure that all of our clients can be confident in the services we provide. Airplanes and the flying industry can be particularly vulnerable because of the way that the planes recycle the air in the cabin as they travel from one location to the other.

We take pride in providing contact-free cleaning services, so that the flight staff and airport staff do not need to come into direct contact with the cleaners to minimize the risk of disease transmission. Our cleaners are also experienced in cleaning in a variety of different surroundings, and will make sure that your airplanes or the airport spaces themselves are clean and safe. We also know how important it is to be cleaning the high touch areas regularly, as door handles and elevator buttons can be particularly prone to transmitting the virus because may people will touch those surfaces.

There are a range of changes that we have made to the services that we provide, with one of the most important steps being the use of PPE by our staff to protect them and the people around them. We also make sure that the cleaning products we use have the required concentration of bleach or disinfectant to make sure that we are killing the virus when they come into contact with it. Why not give our team a call to discuss your needs and see how we can help companies like yours in the aviation industry.