Our health and prevention program will be warranted with a Seal of Certification. The seal will be applied in a prominent place within the treated area to certify the facility, home or vehicle has been Bactronized™. The application date is posted on the seal.

Bactronix of Southeastern Pennsylvania Certification

Certification requires adherence to the protocol of the BATC program and the records that are verified through Bionomics Assessment Reports. Our program is supported with a “Seal of Certification.”

IV Certification

Compliance Certificate
House Resolution Brochure
Bactronix One Year Warranty Agreement

There are increasing news reports about molds, mildews, viruses, food-related illnesses and other harmful bacterial infections in our environment. This has caused a public demand to reduce and prevent the spread of these infectious diseases.

Bactronix measures, kills and prevents bacteria from returning. The two-step process, applied with advanced electrostatics to ensure 100% coverage..