Bactronix team


Joseph Kleynjans, A.J. Powell, and Vince Valicenti – These three individuals come from diverse backgrounds and with their knowledge, skills, and desire to make the world we live in a better and healthier environment, Bactronix was formed. The company was founded in July of 2011 and with their ethical and creative manner, the synergy among these leaders has brought a fresh and efficient approach to this industry, just like the synergy within the Bactronizing process.


These are the individuals who know and understand the Bactronix vision, mission, process and how micro-organisms interact with their environment. These specialists are trained to introduce the BATC (Bionomics, Assessment, Treatment, and Certification) program to all segments of our potential customers. The Bionomic Specialists go through rigorous training and have become certified to enter a home, business, or facility, and diagnose what kind of issues may be affecting the property. They provide various advanced testing methods and provide detailed reports of all their findings and are able to come up with a plan of action and recommendations. All of the Bionomic Specialists are certified mold inspectors in Southeastern pennsylvania as well. Technicians— The Bactronix team is further comprised of trained and certified technicians who perform our Two-Step Bactronizing Process, as well as, service and maintain our warehouse and equipment. They perform the yearly maintenance for outside companies who use Bactronix equipment such as the BactroKart, BactroPAC, BactroCase and BactroPro. Our technicians have demonstrated and produced outstanding service for our customers and have received multiple accolades for their superior workmanship and work ethic. The warehouse and distribution center maintains an in stock program for 24 hour shipment turnaround. Bactronix repairs and maintains equipment to meet calibration and certification standards.



Teaching degree in Mechanical Engineering from the HTS in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Prior to founding Bactronix, Kleynjans held a number of positions varying from VP to President and Owner/CEO, across international companies. He has been involved in three start-up companies that he led to very successful enterprises. Kleynjans serves on the board of directors of several companies. He is recognized as a global business leader with extensive experience in management, business development, as well as, systems implementation and automation. Jos is the President and CEO of the Bactronix Corporation.

Founder of Bactronix


(Pictured Left) B.A. of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Carnegie Mellon University. A.J. has acquired several federal patents and trademarks and has appeared on the CBS Evening News and Good Morning America. He has served as President of The Leaders Group and formally held the position of President and CEO of Powell Products, Inc. He has served as Director of Corporate Accounts in the Contract Furniture Industry and has extensive knowledge of product design and development. A.J. is Vice President of Bactronix Corporation.


(Pictured Right) B.S in Elementary Education, (Juniata College); M.Ed. in Counseling, (University of Pittsburgh); Principals’ Certificate (Youngstown University) and former Associate Director of ASSET Inc., the organization responsible for managing and coordinating the Statewide Science: It’s Elementary program. His extensive experience in educational communities brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization to serve the school markets. Vince is Vice President of Bactronix Corporation.