Bactronix Launches New Territory in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Oct 31, 2020

Philadelphia, PA – Bactronix, a disinfectant company specializing in proprietary sanitization technology, has launched another territory in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Bactronix of Southeastern Pennsylvania opened July 15th and joins an extensive network of franchises that span the U.S. The newest territory is servicing all of Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery county, Chester County and Delaware County.

Dean T. Dodszuweit, Franchisee Principal, explains the path to launching the territory. “The family that owns — and the team that operates— the Southeastern Pennsylvania franchise also operates a successful company, Allied Limousine Service Inc.,” stated Dodzuweit. “In the search for a non-toxic disinfectant for Allied’s vehicles and buses, we became impressed by Bactronix, assessed that it would be a good fit, and bought the Southeast Pennsylvania and Philadelphia franchise.”

Dodszuweit is accompanied by a full team of people that includes Tom Duffield serving as the General Manager, Rebecca Treloar overseeing Operations, and Todd Kelly, Bionomic Specialist. “I was able to take our great customer service team, pivot and launch head-long into this partnership. The enthusiasm of our group, coupled with the training we received and their commitment to total client satisfaction has been infectious,” states Dodzuweit. “Everyone is looking forward to this new venture. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated team of professionals so excited about this new direction.”

As all the Bactronix locations do, Bactronix of Southeastern Pennsylvania specializes in environmentally-safe, toxic-conscious disinfecting products and hospital-grade disinfection services. According to the Bactronix website, their notable process, referred to as the Bactronizing Process, encompasses a two-part electrostatic spray procedure: BactroKill™ and BactroBlock. The first of the two, BactroKill™, destroys harmful cells on contact and doesn’t produce harmful by-products or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The second part of the process, BactroBlock, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for extended periods of time and provides 100% coverage of the area. Other services provided by Bactronix include dryer vent and air duct cleaning, mold remediation, vapor barriers, and insecticide treatment.

The company still has several territories available. Interested candidates can view extensive details for the franchise opportunity on the Bactronix website at

“Bactronix brings the chemistry and engineering of microbial control to a vast, underserved market in Southeastern Pennsylvania,” added Dodszuweit. “Partnering with our team, who has extensive experience in providing the highest level of customer service in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region, we expect a very successful integration, expanding the footprint of the Bactronix brand.”

ABOUT Bactronix

Bactronix is an award-winning, science-based microbial control company that uses proprietary products and advanced equipment for a wide range of mold removal and disinfection services. Their certified personnel are highly trained in administering effective, eco-friendly disinfection treatments to commercial and residential facilities. For more information on Bactronix of Southeastern Pennsylvania please visit